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WordPress & eCommerce Website Development

We build with flexible contentment management systems to simplify maintenance optimization upgrades.

We develop E-Commerce environments that scale with client growth and adapt to market changes.  

As a leading web development company, Grass Monkey provides a full suite of web development services. Whether you want a website that simply shares information, you’re interested in an e-commerce website or you have another type of website in mind, the development experts at Grass Monkey can make your dreams a digital reality.

From website migration to full-scale site development, redesigns, updates, site maintenance and more, we do it all at Grass Monkey. Put simply, our digital marketing agency is your one-stop shop for all things related to website development.

Why Choose WordPress for Your Website

While other content management platforms exist, such as Joomla, Wix and Weebly, nearly 25 percent of the world’s websites use WordPress. Why do so many website development professionals choose WordPress for the sites they design and develop? There are a few meaningful reasons why WordPress is often the content management system these experts prefer. Here are a few of the reasons you may want to choose WordPress for your website:

  • WordPress Is Easy to Use: With a WordPress website design, updating or changing your site is a breeze. Not only is the platform easy to use even if you’re not an IT guru, the changes you make will appear on your website immediately.
  • WordPress Has Many Options: No matter what capabilities you want your website to have, the odds are good that WordPress already has an existing plugin that can enable them.
  • WordPress Is Secure: With data breaches being in the news so frequently these days, security is a leading concern for just about every development company. This concern makes WordPress a great choice for many developers because the platform is secure and its security measures are updated regularly.
  • WordPress Is SEO, Search Engine and User-Friendly: WordPress employs best practices which make the websites created on the platform friendly to search engines and their crawlers. Websites created on WordPress typically provide an outstanding user experience and the platform has plugins that make search engine optimization a cinch.

Do you need another reason to choose WordPress for your website? If so, consider this – we’re experts at designing and developing websites on WordPress!

Why Choose Shopify Plus for Your E-Commerce Website

Do you want an e-commerce website? Shopify Plus is a great choice for e-commerce websites that sell any kind of goods or services you can think of. Since it was founded in 2004, Shopify has remained on the leading edge of evolving trends and technologies in the e-commerce sector. According to Inc., Shopify is the number one platform for e-commerce web design for 2018.

From a nearly endless number of available themes, plugins and extensions to a countless number of mobile-based features, a powerful, information-rich forum and much more, there are plenty of reasons to choose Shopify for your digital storefront. Of course, being able to hire the experts at Grass Monkey to create your e-commerce store on Shopify Plus is just one more reason that Shopify should be the preferred platform for your e-commerce website.

If seamless updates, responsiveness, scalability, security and a pleasant user experience are what you want out of your website, you can count on the experts at Grass Monkey to deliver all of those things and a whole lot more. Contact Grass Monkey to learn more about our comprehensive menu of website development services now.