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Customer Service Goes Social | Shopify Introduces Facebook Messenger

Customer Service Goes Social | Shopify Introduces Facebook Messenger
February 16, 2017 Amelia Castellanos

facebook_messenger1600When Shopify rolled out Apple Pay in 2016 we were beside ourselves.  With over 60% of our our clients customers’ on mobile we were thrilled to now have this seamless integration at our fingertips.  Purchasing has never been easier and we immediately saw a bump in mobile conversion across the board.  But Shopify had even more in store for 2017 with the introduction of Facebook Messenger as a new sales channel, making it the latest of  6 available sales channels including Pinterest.

Further merging the social media community with the E-Commerce marketplace, Facebook Messenger’s Integration with Shopify offers a range of Customer Service enhancements and it truly more than just another place for Customer Complaints.  We have been testing this new feature on a handful of our clients Shopify websites and here is a list of reasons why we highly recommend you ENABLE this feature.


  1. Quick and Efficient Customer Service Communication Channel

Yes – using Messenger for managing customer service messages is obvious but now you can share product links like never before and offer your customers Up-Sells and Suggestions in the App. Quick Text Triggers Allow customer to interact with your product easily and with little to no effort just by starting a conversation.


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 5.06.08 PM


2. Replace Your Expensive Live Chat App

Facebook-Messenger-Bot-PluginsMany brands utilize 3rd-party chat features such as Live Chat or Olark to communicate with customers during business operating hours for a price (starting at $17/Month) but Facebook allows you to auto-reply to customers with your typical response time so they feel comfortable chatting about products or store related questions as part of the path to purchase (for no extra fee).  Once ENABLED on your Shopify store you can modify the appearance and placement of your Messenger Button on your storefront so people can trigger a Messenger chat right from the website without having to launch their App on a Desktop or Laptop Computer.



3. Eliminate Missed Transaction Emails with Order Notifications in Messenger



Customers now have a check box at checkout that allows them to turn on Order Notifications via Messenger.  Messenger + Shopify will automatically message an Order Confirmation as well as Real Time Shipping Notification updates once Tracking Numbers has been added to an order.


Want to learn more about Facebook Messenger and other Shopify Integrations that could benefit your brand’s store?  Drop us a Line HERE 


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