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User Experience

We collaborate with clients to incorporate industry best-practice and deliver enhanced customer experience environment on any device.

A successful E-Commerce business requires more than a beautiful website. Our focus is driven by consumer experience, engagement and results.  

User-friendly. Intuitive. Fast. Structured. Responsive. Those are just a few of the ways that consumers describe the websites they visit. If a website has enough positive attributes, it increases the likelihood that its visitors will return in the future. While some people may judge a website based on its visual design alone, many more will decide whether they’ll visit a given website again based on the user experience the site provides.

User experience isn’t “just” relevant to a person’s decision to return or not to return to your website. Your website’s user experience, or UX, also influences where your site appears on search engine results pages.

What does this mean for your website? It means your user experience design should be a primary focus of your website development.

What Is User Experience Anyway?

If you’re not intimately familiar with website development and design, you might not know what user experience is even though you now know it’s important for the reasons mentioned above. User experience refers to all aspects of an end-user’s interaction with your brand and your goods or services. UX best practices dictate that you should improve the quality of an end-user’s experience by improving their interactions with and perceptions of your business.

To do this, you must be knowledgeable about what your visitors want, need and value. You also need to be cognizant of their abilities and limitations.

For a user experience to be satisfying, it’s vital that your end-users find value in what you’re providing them with. For end-users to find value, the information you provide must be:

  • Useful: Your content needs to be original and it should satisfy a want, need or problem
  • Usable: Your website must be easy to use and navigate
  • Desirable: Your design should evoke emotion and appreciation in the minds of your end-users
  • Findable: Your content must be easy to find on your website
  • Accessible: Your content must be accessible to people, including individuals who have disabilities
  • Credible: Your content must be credible so your visitors will trust your brand and the information you provide

Clearly, user experience involves many aspects of web development. User research, information architecture, user interface design, interaction design and visual design are just a few of the website development and design functions involved with UX.

User Experience vs User Interface

Some people who only have a basic understanding of web development and design will use the terms “user experience” and “user interface” interchangeably, but they are two separate things. While UX refers to all facets of an end-user’s interactions with your brand, user interface, or UI, refers to the means your visitors use to explore your website. Because software is intangible, a user interface is necessary for your visitors to interact with or control your website when they visit. While your user interface will influence your UX and your desired UX may impact your UI design, UI and user experience aren’t the same thing.

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At Grass Monkey, we understand the importance of UX, which is why we create websites with user experience in the forefront of our minds. Although the definition of UX is still evolving, we’re on the cutting-edge of website development and design, which means we’re poised to make the best user experience for your business. Contact Grass Monkey to learn more today.