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Shopify Plus and Grass Monkey share the same vision in making E-Commerce accessible and reliable for all businesses in the digital marketplace. Our focus is to enable brands and companies to build their business with strategic digital marketing initiatives rather than depleting their budget with costly integrations and other hardships from hidden costs, to limiting contracts and hosting. We’ve witnessed clients’ frustrations with other content management systems first hand and we took note. What makes Plus so different? Their enterprise solution empowers businesses to thrive by eliminating the headache of software updates and security threats by providing a reliable and scalable platform.

Shopify Plus and Grass Monkey share the same vision in making E-Commerce accessible and reliable for all businesses in the digital marketplace.



Shopify Plus maintains not just the infrastructure for merchants, but also the underlying software. Due to the structure of the Shopify Plus’ multi-tenant architecture, they maintain, and deploy new improvements to the system seamlessly in the background. You never have to worry about an old code base or updating your system for new improvements to the underlying platform. They simply happen on an automated schedule.


Shopify Plus provides 99% server uptime, up to 8,000 orders/minute per store, 7,000+ cores, and a fully-integrated Fastly CDN. Over $10 billion of commerce orders were processed via Shopify in 2016. Shopify Plus has never had an outage on a Black Friday. If it were a single merchant, the platform would be the 4th largest online retailer in North America, coming just after Walmart during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Many of the enterprise solutions on the market are ‘self-hosted’ meaning that you, not the provider, are responsible for ensuring the data on your server is secure.  How is Shopify Plus Different? No more expensive security patches that render your extensions out of date. Most importantly, Shopify’s cloud-based hosting allows you and your team time to focus on your marketing strategy and sales goals rather than redundant programming fixes.


Search Engine Optimization within your website CMS is crucial for search engine visibility and keyword ranking. Shopify Plus ensures that search engine relevant pages are displayed to target audiences.  Plus users also have access to the ‘Traffic Control App’, a trusted solution that redirects all of the traffic you’ve built previously without compromising your SEO rankings.


Do you have ERP, CRM, WMS, Shipping, Accounting, or Marketing Software that you want connected to your website? Shopify’s API provides integration solutions with a wide variety of 3rd party solutions to connect all aspects of your E-Commerce business from cost-effective turn-key solutions to custom, proprietary options. 


Your marketing team is responsible for driving qualified traffic to your online store and converting customers – give them a CMS platform they can use without a web development background. Shopify Plus provides an easy-to-use and intuitive backend experience that will empower your team to access key functions directly from the admin, making daily marketing management a breeze.

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