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Upgrade Your Black Friday Initiative| Shopify Introduces Shareable Discount Links

Upgrade Your Black Friday Initiative| Shopify Introduces Shareable Discount Links
October 24, 2017 Amelia Castellanos

When the biggest shopping weekend of the year finally arrives, arriving with it will be hordes of customers looking for juicy discounts.

To help you make the most of Black Friday Cyber Monday, Shopify has added a simple new function to ADMIN that will help brands and businesses’ reach out and pull those deal-hunters right into their store. Shareable Discount Links direct customers to your homepage and automatically apply a discount code to their cart.


BFCM is all about discounts.

More than half of Shopify merchants used discounts during BFCM last year, and during BFCM, orders were three times higher than on an average day in November.

Discounts can be a powerful way to drive sales—but having to add a discount code at checkout can also get in the way of making a sale.

Customers need to remember or copy the code, then remember to apply it at checkout. Or customers leave their cart before buying to go looking for the code and don’t return. If customers have forgotten to enter the code, it can result in support calls, emails, and other time-consuming after-sale tasks for you.

Shareable Discount Links eliminate the need to find or enter a code, and give you an enticing invitation that you can send to customers via email, Facebook, or other social media.




Creating a Shareable Discount Link is easy and quick.

Create a new discount in your Shopify store. Apply any discount variables you think will get results. Once it’s saved, hit “Promote” to get your Shareable Discount Link. The link will take customers directly to your homepage, and the discount will be automatically applied to the right products at checkout.

Create a Shareable Discount Link now or learn more.

Right now, Shareable Discount Links will direct customers to your homepage, but we’re working on an option where you can link directly to specific products or collection pages. For now, here’s a way you can link to specific product or collection pages manually.


Article, Images and Information Courtesy of Jacinthe Richard and Shopify 


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