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Creating Effective Instagram Ads in Mailchimp | A How to Guide

Creating Effective Instagram Ads in Mailchimp | A How to Guide
June 26, 2017 Amelia Castellanos

Following their integration with Facebook Ads earlier this year, Email Marketing platform Mailchimp, has now released Instagram Ad management within their platform for users on all plans.  Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns in MailChimp give you the power to reach new customers by simplifying the process. Not only does this latest release allow brands to build and run their ads in MailChimp alongside their email marketing campaigns, but Mailchimp’s comprehensive reporting also gives you a clear picture of which ads are making you money all in one dashboard.

Combine the strengths of Instagram and Facebook

Advertising on Instagram and Facebook can be valuable for your business, but the two platforms have different strengths and understanding these strengths is critical to the success of your brand’s marketing strategy. Because the Instagram experience is designed to keep people inside the app, many e-commerce businesses have found success creating ads that promote brand awareness versus conversion-driven messaging, while Facebook ads are better served to generate more direct responses like website click-throughs, Sign Ups and Purchases.

Before you run an ad, consider how it will perform across platforms. Will the same ad shared on both Facebook and Instagram get a response from your target audience? Without changing your content or messaging, most likely not.  Creating separate ad campaigns with creative elements that are tailored to each app sets you up for more success within each individual campaign.


Example Facebook Ad - Facebook Ad Campaigns with Mailchimp For example, this Facebook ad promotes a store’s autumn collection with an image that focuses on a person wearing one of the products, since images of people tend to perform better on Facebook. The ad also includes 2 incentives—free shipping and a discount—to help drive conversions.

Example Instagram Ad - Instagram Ad Campaigns with Mailchimp

But in this Instagram ad that promotes the same fall collection, there are a few key differences. This business chose to use an image that focuses on the products and exclude the incentives we saw in the Facebook ad above.  Since Instagram users are generally less likely to click out of the app, this Ad’s content is designed to generate awareness and engagement over sales.

The best advertising strategies leverage the strengths of Instagram and Facebook to both promote brand awareness and drive direct responses where applicable. Even though Instagram’s core strength is brand awareness, your ads should still include a strong call to action so people have the option to click through and make a purchase. This type of CTA should surround the personality, lifestyle or messaging of your Brand i.e. LEARN MORE, SIGN UP, JOIN NOW versus “SHOP NOW”.

Connect with people similar to your existing customers

You already have an audience you know a lot about: your MailChimp list. When you create Instagram ads in MailChimp, you can unlock the power of your list data to target your existing customers on Instagram or find new people with similar interests and demographics. This is by far our favorite feature of Instagram Campaigns in Mailchimp because it simplifies the effort needed to create a Custom, like-minded audience with the right data to succeed.


All sections of your list can help you attract the right audience with your ads, and targeting people who already know and love your brand is a more cost-effective advertising strategy than trying to find new buyers.

Your list data will also help you find people on Instagram with similar interests, behaviors, and demographics to your existing subscribers. With Mailchimp’s  pre-built segments, targeting an audience just like your best customers or most-engaged subscribers is easy.

Learn what resonates with your audience

Marketing your business can sometimes feel like you’re throwing money at a wall hoping it will stick. But with Instagram ads in MailChimp, you’ll get easy-to-read reports that show you which of your ads are making money and which aren’t. These Analytics simplify the research for future Ad campaigns and can help you optimize other Ad channels.

When you connect your store, Mailchimp’s ROI reports allow you to track key statistics like revenue, products sold, and customers acquired, so you can identify what works with your audience and use that information to improve your future marketing efforts.

Ready to get Started? Need Help?

Let us assist with integrating your Social Media accounts into Mailchimp and set you up for success with your Facebook and Instagram Ads.  Give us a Call 


Images and Statistics Courtesy of Mailchimp 



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