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Exploring Ranking Factors Effecting eCommerce Websites

Exploring Ranking Factors Effecting eCommerce Websites
April 14, 2017 Terry Sanks

Recently, Searchmetrics released a study analyzing the top-ranking e-commerce sites to determine what helps them to rank well in Google search engines. This study was done to determine which specific ranking factors effect eCommerce websites particularly. The study was performed by analyzing the various ranking factors that most effect eCommerce websites to help marketers establish a more powerful SEO e-commerce marketing plan.

Some Key Points in the Study Include

  • The amount of words contained in e-commerce websites ranking in the top 10 tends to be 25% higher than the average word count.
  • E-Commerce websites have on average of 70% more bullets in their lists than the average website.
  • Video isn’t as important of a ranking algorithm for e-commerce websites as it is for other sites as only 35% of the top 10 e-commerce pages contain videos.
  • The file size of top e-commerce websites is 30% larger than other types of websites.
  • E-Commerce URL’s on the first page of Google’s search results have more bullets per list than other types of websites.
  • Nearly all of the e-commerce pages in the top 10 have their top level domain set up as a .com


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