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App of the Month: Google Analytics

App of the Month: Google Analytics
April 14, 2017 Terry Sanks

The Google Analytics app is an easy to use app that brings yourScreen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.41.01 AM websites current web statistics straight to your iPhone or Android device. Installing the Google Analytics app is just one of many great search engine optimization tips that can help take your businesses marketing efforts up a notch. From the moment you log into the Google Analytics app, the information contained in the app is extremely insightful and useful. The main Overview screen allows you to dig into traffic acquisition, visitor data, visitor behavior and more with the press of a button. Many of the same features that you know and love from the Google Analytics web platform are present in the mobile app as well as some features that aren’t present on the web version such as viewing a head map of page views. While previously created reports, dashboards and segments aren’t available to use via the app, the app is still a welcome addition to your cell phone’s app suite. Digging into your Google Analytics on the go can give you information about what types of people have been visiting your site and how they’ve been arriving to your site.

Click here to download Google Analytics for iOS

Click here to download Google Analytics for Android

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