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4 Search Engine Optimization Tips to Help With Off-Page SEO

4 Search Engine Optimization Tips to Help With Off-Page SEO
April 14, 2017 Terry Sanks

There are two sides to Search Engine Optimization. On one side you have the on-page Search Engine Ranking factors such as on page text, Meta Data, site compression and more. Off-page SEO refers to everything that you can do off your website to improve your search engine rankings. Most business owners are familiar with the on-page search engine ranking factors while they aren’t as knowledgable of the ways to utilize off-page Search Engine Optimization to increase traffic.

  1. Social Media and Social Bookmarking – Social media is a very powerful way that you can drive customers to your website. It is important for brands to create content such as imagery, videos, or blogs that can be shared by your brands social media accounts on sites such as Facebook and Twitter to increase visibility and drive traffic.
  2. Visual Content Submissions – Creating visual content can often times generate great awareness and traffic. There are a number of websites across the internet dedicated to curating visual content. Taking advantage of these can help improve your brand’s SERPs ranking.
  3. Local Listings – If applicable to your business, setting up local listings is a great search engine optimization tip that will allow you to reach a targeted audience in no time. Sites such as Google Maps, Yellow Pages, and Just Dial make is easy for people who aren’t aware of your business to find your business and become interested.
  4. Guest Posting and Press Releases – Guest posting and submitting press releases to credible sites in the same niche as your brand’s website is an excellent way to drive good quality traffic to your brand’s site. This not only creates backings but also improves your websites authority as viewers will view your brand’s website as a credible source of information if it is recommended by another site or brand in which they trust.

Following these search engine optimization tips will help increase the traffic that your site receives drastically. By layering these strategies with a good on-page Search Engine Optimization strategy can be pivotal in taking your brand to the next level.


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