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Instagram Rolls Out Latest Update

Instagram Rolls Out Latest Update
February 24, 2017 Keziah

The ever growing app that manages to keep 400 million daily active users on their toes – according to DMR Stats online – has just publicly released their latest option: a Gallery feature.

Now, you will now be able to upload a slideshow of up to any 10 pictures and/or videos readily available from your phone’s camera roll.

This is a great and condensed way to display multiple pictures and/or videos at once for those who struggle to narrow down a single choice, or, want to avoid uploading multiple separate posts.

So How Does It Work?

Just like Instagram’s incorporation of the Boomerang app, you will be able to select the Gallery icon when adding a new post. You can then select (or deselect) the amount of pictures and/or videos and notice a number on each one as a reminder of what order they will appear in the slideshow.

You’ll walk through the same familiar uploading process, only now, with the option to edit one by one or edit all at once. Selecting a filter or edit option will be applied to all posts collectively; double tapping on a single image/video will let you edit that particular one on its own.

Should you decide you want to change around the order of the pictures/videos, dragging and dropping is  available during this step. Holding down on a single image/video will allow you to drag to delete it or rearrange the order and drop to a new spot.

Keep in mind that the first image or video will be the cover for the gallery – and will be the one that appears in your followers’ feed.

You’ll then create a single caption for the Gallery as a whole and are only able to keep all included pictures/videos in the standard square frame – for now.

How Will It Look?

As mentioned, the selected image or video that is first in the slideshow will be the one that appears in the Instagram feed. Four blue dots will appear on the bottom of the gallery, indicating to followers that there are multiple slides to scan through. The gallery will not automatically start scrolling on its own.

With its current functionality, followers can only Like and Comment on the Gallery as a whole – despite being able to view each picture or video individually.

When fitting in with the rest of your posts on your profile, the Gallery grid icon will appear on the top right corner like the video icon does presently.

Refinery29 offers some advice on the mindset when trying out the feature for the first time:

“Pick a theme for your gallery and stick to it, whether you’re showing off your latest ski trip or the party you planned for a friend. The more cohesive your post, the better, especially since you can only provide one caption.”


What Does This Mean For Influential Users?

Instagram certainly planned the timing of this release accordingly. With the Oscars happening this weekend, there are sure to be celebrities utilizing the feature for behind the scenes shots and collective moments from the night.

Big time bloggers and influencers may take some time adjusting on how to best use this feature to their benefit. On one hand, many may begin to charge more for each sponsored post they generate to make up an entire Gallery and be eager to do so; however, this also increases the level of work and planning on their end. Companies and partners of these influencers will also have to reevaluate the best approach to using or not using the feature and clarify requirements for each sponsored post that is provided to them.

Madeline Buxton of Refinery29 points out that although we’ve seen this idea before through Instagram and, originally, Snapchat stories – these still hold temporary 24 hour lifespans. The Gallery feature grants us the ability to keep these slideshows as long-lasting posts, potentially generating high impression rates across all profiles.

What Does This Mean For Businesses?

Already, we’re seeing big names like People magazine practicing the Gallery feature. So how will this work for companies with social media presence?

Many businesses will benefit from the use of this feature mainly based on intention of exposure. Showcasing several images or videos of material all at once versus numerous posts can eliminate the potential of being bothersome while still inviting people to view and explore more.

Why Now?

At this point it’s become pretty expected to see progressive changes and updates to apps like Instagram. Whether people choose to debate their importance, or fight their implementation – chances are they’re here to stay. In fact, it’s our voices who prompt these changes in the first place.

“This product was inspired by members of our community, who have told us that there are times they want to share more than just one moment from a memorable experience in their feed.” – Instagram product manager,  Yichen Wang


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