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Meet AdWords New 45 Character Expanded Text Ads

Meet AdWords New 45 Character Expanded Text Ads
August 20, 2016 Terry Sanks

Recently, expanded text ads were rolled out in the Google AdWords Platform and this is a large change as Google AdWords hasn’t modified or updated its character rule in 15 years. Originally Google allowed for a 25 Character Headline and two 35 Characters sub-headlines. Following the recent update, you now have the option of 30 character headlines and one 80 character description line. With the incorporation of this new text ad format, some users are reporting increases in click-through rate of up to 20% from the previous text ad format. On October 26th, 2016, Google will completely phase out standard text ads and advertisers will be required to transition into only expanded text ads.

AdWords Expanded Text Ads


The new expanded text ads were designed specifically for advertisers to get the most out of their headlines. With 2 large headlines to catch potential customers attention, you are now able to make your ads more prominent in search. To maximize the potential of these new ad formatting options Google recommends that advertisers rethink their entire ad creative rather than simply updating previous ads to include a second headline. Here are some guidelines to follow when creating headlines:

  1. Still include your main keyword in your ad headline. Due to advertisers having more space to fit more text in ads, it will be very tempting to build headlines based around a sale offer such as “30% Off” in order to capitalize on headlines in ways that weren’t previously possible. You should not overlook keywords and their importance in text ad’s headlines.
  2. Try using a call to action in your headline. Previously, advertisers were unable to fit a call to action in their headline space due to the character count so these often ended up in the description tab. With expanded text ads, it is easier than ever to fit a call to action in the headline field.
  3.  Structure your ads so that they answer your target audience’s questions in the headline. Your message should be tailored to fit your potential customers’ needs. Focus on addressing what a user will get if they visit your site.

While these new ad formats may come as a shock to advertisers who are used to the classic format, the new format is an exciting way for companies to pull in customers in new ways. Expanded text ads will help users who are searching for products or services get the information they are seeking much quicker.



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