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Microsoft Adds Enhanced CPC Bid Strategy to Bing Ads

Microsoft Adds Enhanced CPC Bid Strategy to Bing Ads
August 19, 2016 Terry Sanks

For years now, Bing has lagged behind his older brother Google AdWords in features, bidding strategies, and other tools. Recently Bing Ads launched its first bid strategy, Enhanced CPC. Enhanced CPC is a bidding strategy developed to optimize a keyword’s bids for conversions.

The way that Enhanced CPC works is that it learns from different signals whether or not a searcher is likely to convert based on previous conversions. Turning this tool on allows Bing Ads to automatically adjust your bids in real time so that you bid higher when users are more likely to convert and bid lower when users are not.

To take advantage of Enhanced CPC, you have to enable Bing Ads’ Universal Event Tracking. This new feature is even compatible with third-party bid management tools. If you’re an advertiser who would like to take advantage of this new bidding strategy be sure that you enable the setting for the keywords and campaigns that you’d like to try out the feature on.

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