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A Beginners Guide to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Features

A Beginners Guide to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Features
July 19, 2016 Terry Sanks

Last year Google launched a new addition to their Google Analytics platform called “Enhanced E-Commerce”. This feature allows E-Commerce shop owners to drill down deeper into their website’s statistics, insights and conversions.

Enhanced Ecommerce is extremely beneficial because it provides the insights that can lead toward improving conversion rates and selling more products.

Examples of information Enhanced Ecommerce can provide:

  • Your customers behavior
  • Average Order Value
  • Average Number of Products per Transaction
  • How your customers are viewing products
  • When and where customers abandon the purchase process

Why would you not like to have this valuable information?

Setting Up Enhanced E-Commerce

Google Analytics doesn’t have Enhanced E-Commerce enabled by default, it must be set up.

To take advantage of these features, you will need to install a plugin on your Ecommerce site in order to send the Enhanced Ecommerce statistics to your Google Analytics account.

Below are plugins for different store platforms:

Enhanced Ecommerce for Magento

Enhanced Ecommerce for Shopify

Enhanced Ecommerce for WordPress

After this is enabled, you must enable Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics. In the View section click on Ecommerce Settings and Enable Ecommerce and Enhanced Ecommerce Settings, once these are enabled, you’re well on your way to receiving Enhanced Ecommerce analytics.

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