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3 Ways You Can Better Optimize Your Product Descriptions

3 Ways You Can Better Optimize Your Product Descriptions
July 19, 2016 Terry Sanks

While your website’s homepage and category pages should be the initial focus when you begin optimizing your E-Commerce store for search engines, product page optimization can be equally as beneficial. At first it will seem very tedious, due to the amount of products your E-Commerce store may carry but by applying these three steps, you can be on your way to having your product pages ranking for valuable long-tail keywords.

  1. Don’t use the manufacturer provided descriptions. Google penalizes websites for containing duplicate content. Duplicate content is content that appears around the internet in more than one place. Using these manufacturer provided descriptions makes it difficult for search engines to tell whether your site or the other sites using the descriptions are more relevant to a given search query causing it to emit some pages from the results.
  2. Utilize Long-Tail Keywords in product descriptions. Long-tail keywords are traditionally three and four keyword phrases that are very specific. Long-tail keywords typically aren’t searched very often due to how specific they are but when users search using long-tail keywords they tend to be searching for exactly what they’d like to purchase. Users who find your product pages via long-tail keyword searches are more likely to convert because you have been able to provide the specific product they’ve searched for.
  3. Create unique, keyword driven product descriptions. To combat the occurrence of duplicate content, provide original, conversion driven copy for your product descriptions. Test out different calls to action and description styles to see which types and lengths of descriptions convert well for your website.


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