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Google to Launch Showcase Shopping Ads

Google to Launch Showcase Shopping Ads
July 18, 2016 Terry Sanks

This month, Google will launch a new appearance for product-listing ads on non-branded queries such as “men’s sneakers”.

Google states that over 40% of product searches are for broad terms and to take advantage of these searches google will now display new Showcase Shopping Ads for these queries instead of featuring a selection of individual product listing ads.

Showcase Shopping ads feature 3 images, a main image and two smaller side images accompanied by a promotion message or the retailer’s distance from the user. When a Showcase Shopping ad is clicked  it will take users to a landing page that displays a retailer’s promotional message and related products from the retailers product feed similar to standard PLA ads. Advertisers in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia are automatically eligible for Showcase Shopping Ads.



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