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Five Trends Effecting E-Commerce SEO in 2016

Five Trends Effecting E-Commerce SEO in 2016
July 18, 2016 Terry Sanks

Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing world of keywords, meta-tags, backlinks and other factors. Staying on top of the best SEO practices and current marketing strategies can be difficult but doing so can help online retailers stay on top of their game and ensure their websites are optimized.

  1. Content Sharability is Key. Social media is quickly becoming a large part of SEO and content marketing. Not all forms of content marketing provide results but including social media in your content marketing strategy is a great way to drive more potential customers to your website. The more people who share your website’s content, the more people are going to eventually see it, leading toward more visitors clicking through to your site. Google can tell when content is being shared and if there are many different people individually sharing your website’s link(s), those links will be assigned more importance than other similar links, allowing it to rank higher than competitors. Keys to providing sharable content: Provide your readers value, use an engaging title and provide accompanying images and media.
  2. Video content is outperforming all other forms of content. 10 years ago, most of what internet users shared online was text-based. Today, marketers who fail to incorporate videos into their content marketing strategy are missing out on a potential cash cow. According to a study by Video Marketing and Analytics Platform, Vidyard, 71% of digital marketers state that their video content’s conversion performance is typically better when compared to any other type of marketing content.
  3. Voice Search is gaining popularity quickly. The current shift toward voice search creates new ways to optimize your website for search. The presence of a keyword phrase on your website isn’t enough to earn a high search ranking for voice searches. Voice results depend on location, positive review data, how descriptive your site is, past user behavior and inbound links. In order for your site to perform well in the voice search age, it is important that your website is able to provide the most relevant content related to a search query. Competitor research and social signals are great ways to enhance your website’s search rankings in the voice-driven era.
  4. Mobile optimization is very important to high search rankings. It’s increasingly important to make sure that you have a mobile-optimized website. Mobile phones have freed customers from having to sit down to use their desktop to search for products and services bringing businesses even closer to potential customers and significantly increasing the amount of time individuals spend shopping online. Google penalizes websites that aren’t deemed mobile-friendly by limiting their visibility in search results on user’s mobile devices. There are more active tablets, cell phones and mobile devices than there are people in the United States so it is safe to say that mobile search isn’t going anywhere.
  5. Most platform’s off-the-shelf SEO is getting better. Many platforms such as WordPress, Magento and Shopify are making on-page SEO easier than ever. Most of these platforms won’t do everything for you, but they’ll make it easy for you to perform SEO on your site with limited technical expertise.

Example SEO plugins:

Yoast SEO – Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress SEO tools. It allows on-page optimization to be handled by simply filling out fields at the bottom of your WordPress editor windows.

SEO Image Optimizer – SEO Image Optimizer is a Shopify plugin that makes it easier than ever to gain traffic from Google’s Image Search. The app works by adding ALT-text to all images on your Shopify site based off a naming template you generate. This eliminates the need for you to remember to set alt tags for each of your images making on-page SEO even easier.

Magento SEO Suite Ultimate – Magento SEO Suite Ultimate is a multifaceted Magento plugin that allows users to easily optimize meta data, create advanced Magento Rich Snippets, Create an XML sitemap, handle SEO Redirects and more. These tools help reduce the search optimization workload while improving your Magento-based store’s visibility.




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